Lease Violations

Please note Penalties and Fees for lease violations. You are also responsible for any guests you may have. If you are charged, you must make payment to the office within 1 week of the infraction.  Your security deposit will also reflect these occurrences.   Please refer to your policy handbook and the lease for more information on our policies.


Tenants are responsible for weekly cleanings, especially the floors, bathrooms and kitchen. Clean lint from dryers after each use if you are provided with a washer and dryer. If we have to call pest control or maids to service or clean the apartment, you will be charged the amount of the services.


  • $150 per tenant per incidence (Per section 16 of your lease see “No Party Clause”).
  • $500 Keg Fine (Kegs will be confiscated as well as ticketed).
  • $300 Noise complaint (Noise is considered disruptive after 10PM by city ordinance).  City of Charleston noise complaints issued by the Police Department and enforced by the Livability Court begin at $1,000.  Please take this warning very seriously.
  • $125 Smoking inside the house (Per incidence).


Police complaints, noise complaints, parties, drug use, underage drinking or damages to the property may result in eviction. Town & Island Company reserves the right to terminate the agreement immediately with full payment due should warnings go unheeded.


  • $50 per Trash Can (If trash is not taken to curb Sunday evening).
  • $50 per Trash Can (If cans are not brought in by Monday evening).
  • $50 per Trash Bag (If a bag is left on the porch or entryway).
  • $100 Organize Trash (If our staff has to organize your trash Sunday in order for City to pickup).
  • $100 Cigarette Butts (If our staff has to pick up cigarette butts around the yard, porch, driveway, etc.).
  • $150 Grounds Violation (If our staff has to pick up trash, pet waste, beer cans, towels on porch rails, bikes attached to porch rails, grill on porch, etc.).
  • $150 Unsanitary Interior Conditions