Smoke Detector Info


It is the tenant’s responsibility and the landlord’s recommendation that tenants test their alarms on a monthly basis.  If during the test, the alarm does not sound replace the battery.  It is against the policy of Town & Island Company for any tenant to disable a smoke detector.

To Test a Smoke Detector:

  • Press the button on the unit.  The unit should sound loudly for about 20 seconds then stop.
  • If the alarm does not sound, replace the battery (see below).
  • If the alarm is chirping intermittently, replace the battery.

To Replace a Smoke Detector Battery:

  • If the unit has a twist off cover, turn the cover counter clockwise.
  • If the unit has an external battery pocket, push in the compartment then release until the battery is revealed.
  • Locate and remove the old battery.  Use only new alkaline batteries.  (An alkaline battery may last for a year.)
  • Close the case and re-test the unit (see above).